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My sense is that the production and appreciation of Fine Art require a sort of pyramidal approach. Some education, discernment and informed experience benefit the collector and elevates as well as informs the market. For the artist; a solid, academic background in history and classical application has to be an immediate goal. Mastery is, naturally, a thing to aspire to but I have never read one of the masters who claimed that state. This sounds circular, I know, but most artist’s statements are.


For myself, the greatest possible understanding of the paper, water and paint is a start. The next bit begs some honesty. Knowing your subject intimately ,belonging in the situation and understanding what you are looking at are requirements. A skilled painter out of his element and without understanding of the subject will always be embarrassed.


Before letting the painting of the Domer men out for public view I asked Jay what he thought. “Oh, you know what you’re looking at”. That piece resides in the Rafter JM collection now at the Domer home place.


Visual Arts, (picture making) in general with photography. I still see potential painting ideas photographically, I think. I enjoyed Photojournalism in high School and College. At KSTC in the 1970s many celebrities and dignitaries visited on lecture tours and I was fortunate to spend time with a number of them. Often the afternoon became a portrait session. The likes of Vincent Price, Count Basie,, Pierre Salinger and George Carlin became willing subjects in the idle hours before an event.

Other Camera and Darkroom Work:


  • Eastwood of Twin Lakes, Wichita. Howard was a nationally renown portrait and outdoor photographer. I began there sweeping after school, eventually loading camera backs, then darkroom then camera work and final production. So much was learned there.

  • Color Central Labs, Wichita where I assisted in advertising projects for Coleman Outdoor,

  • Gates Learjet, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, Hesston Corporation and John Deere.

  • Design of a photo lab for Retinal Angiography/ Fundis Photography  with Dr. Leslie, Wichita

  • Wichita Police Department Photo Section (Lab)

Exhibitions & Events

  • One man and Group Shows throughout Kansas and the Midwest since 1980

  • Arts for The Parks, National Academy top 100 twice, Top 50 once

  • National Pastel Society

  • Pennsylvania, Western Colorado and Kansas Watercolor Society Competitions

  • Kansas Arts Commission Competitions


Commissioned Works for Publication and Advertising
American Cancer Society:

  • Kansas Farm Bureau

  • Midwest Highland Arts Fund

  • Topeka Schools Fund Board of Directors

  • Kansas Public Television

  • Several Kansas USDs

  • Kansas Arts Commission

  • Jefferson Street Properties

  • Missouri FolkLife Society

Work in Private and Corporate Collections reside in:

  • France, Ireland

  • Scotland

  • England

  • Italy

  • Canada

  • Numerous U.S. States

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